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Foldable & comfortable SeaTing for small living spaces

We aim to provide innovative solutions to enhance the living experiences of young people. Our foldable seat is designed to create comfortable and convenient seating options for those with limited living space, without sacrificing style or functionality.

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Foldable SeaT ?

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Why SeaT ?

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"I don't understand why it's so comfortable


"It's so pretty and surprisingly comfortable. I can sit here for hours! They can make my place feel more inviting" 


"This is intuitive and easy to use. I can picture myself enjoying a glass of wine and having long chats with friends."


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Our Mission

A portion of our sales revenue is charitably donated to The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). Dedicated to saving the world's beautiful coral reefs by working collaboratively with local communities, scientists, and partner organizations. Our goal is to connect You, our valued customer, through us, to making Mother Earth a cleaner, and fresher place to live. So our generation can have crisper air, vibrant seas, and happier fish.

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The Team


Yuka Fan

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Hanh Mai

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Nathan Newman

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Zac Zhuang

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Pranav Movva

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